September 10, 2011

Best Birthday Present Ever!!

Matt told me right before bed last night that we had to be ready "to go" at 10:30 am the next morning. I said, "Ready to go where?" He wouldn't answer. I got suspicious. He finally said he was gonna get me a little "treat". With my birthday a few days away, I decided to leave it at that...

10:30 am comes and I'm ready to go get my "treat". Matt sends me out to the car and tells me to wait for him there. More suspicion grows. He finally comes down and tells me not to look at what he's putting in the car. Huh?? What's this got to do with a "treat"? I go with it and don't ask questions.

Matt starts driving and heads for the expressway. Wow. We're going a long way it seems? But then he gets off just a few exits later. More confusion. Now I realize we're heading to Clarkston. Trying to throw me off by taking the freeway? Maybe. He parks next to the Clarkston Union - nice restaurant. I realize we're in the Kinetic Systems Bike Shop parking lot and wonder aloud if our friend, John, is working today. Matt finally tells me my "treat" is lunch at the Union. Cool!

On our way to the Union, Matt veers and says, "Hey, you wanna go see if John's there real quick?" Okay, sure. I've never been in the shop and wouldn't mind checking it out anyway. Drool over bikes and such. We walk in and sure enough, John is there. We chat just a little bit and then Matt tells John to go ahead and get the bike. Wait a minute... WHAT BIKE???? The next thing I know, John wheels out a 2012 Specialized Comp Apex cyclocross bike in MY SIZE! Are you kidding me?! Then I cried.

Matt totally had me fooled. John and Jaime never even dropped the tiniest hint. Apparently Jaime was the model for sizing. John sized her and then got the next size smaller. And the secret stash of stuff Matt put in the car just before we left (which I had totally forgotten about) was my cycling shoes and a pair of cycling shorts so John could adjust the fit of the bike while I was there.


Apparently I'm not supposed to go out and do a century ride on the first day with a new bike. Darn!! John said to ease into it with short 10-12 milers to start out. I did almost 16 as soon as I got it home, but who's counting.  ;-)  What a sweet, smooth ride! Didn't take much to get used to the shifting, handling and braking which are so much different than a mountain bike. So very happy with Ride #1 and already looking foward to Ride #2.

Now I just need to come up with a name for my bike. :-)

A few photos...

2012 Specialized CruX Comp Apex

First Mud
CruX Comp Apex
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