October 30, 2008


It is getting cold out! Today's run was in below-freezing weather - around 28 degrees. I overdressed, as I suspected I would. I'll get the hang of dressing for the cold weather one of these days. Summer is so much easier - wear as little as possible!

Matt is injured and unable to run right now and yet he wants to do an ultra trail marathon at the end of December. He's nuts. Not only nuts, but on the road toward another injury. He won't listen to me. However, if I can't talk him out of it, I'll go and participate in the short run (10.8 miles). At least I'll have a good time and be healthy at the end of it.

The race is the HUFF 50K in Huntington, Indiana. It takes place in one of their state recreation areas. It does sound like fun! Trail running rocks. No pun intended! Ha! I wonder if HUFF is an acronym??

Only one more day til the end of the month and no word on my Subaru. *frown*

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