January 12, 2010

Tempo Runs and Reese's

GREAT RUN! Felt good throughout. Maybe too good! It was supposed to be a 6 mile tempo run, but the same pace that kicked my butt a week or so ago was too easy today. Four miles into it I realized I needed to make it harder. I considered upping the incline (was on the Beast), but chose to up the speed instead. I did the first four miles at 6:53 pace, then went to 6:48, then 6:43 and finished at 6:39 still not struggling.

Last time I did this workout, I only did 5 miles and had it at 6:53 the entire time and it was HARD. I kept wanting to slow the pace after every mile but made myself keep pushing. Either I had a bad day that day or an exceptionally good day today. Or... I just improved a lot over the intervening time???? Who's to say. Either way I'm way happy about today's run. Felt that runner's high for sure today.

Matty just bought me Reese's Valentine Hearts. Reese's seasonal peanut butter treats are the BEST! WAAAAY better than their regular peanut butter cups, and that's saying a lot cuz I LOVE their regular peanut butter cups. I think it is the PB to chocolate ratio. It is much higher in the seasonal treats like the Xmas trees, hearts and eggs. That must be it. PB is far superior to chocolate. I must now go indulge.

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