February 5, 2010

Two Ughs and a Yay

Wow! I needed that. Today's run was awesome. It sure made up for my last two dismal runs. I've never had two such bad days in a row. Usually if I have a bad day, I can expect the next day to go much better. Not this time. I had two horrible days. In a row. Ugh. Wednesday night I was feeling strong enough, but my injuries were bugging me, specifically my right achilles insertion and my left thigh (yes, the entire thing - it was more of a dull ache). I finished the run, thanking god it was only a 5 miler. The next day was supposed to be an easy 14 miler. It turned into only 12 and those 12 were torturous, even at a very slow pace. The injuries were not bugging me that day, I simply felt supremely fatigued. Ugh again.

I had high hopes for today. Surely the running gods would not let me have 3 bad days in a row, right? They came through for me! And thank goodness too, because today was speedwork day. I did 12 miles total with 6 at half marathon pace (I did 6:53 average). It was just right! I even ended with a 6:39! Way to finish strong, red! I really needed today's confidence booster run. I was getting a little depressed about the whole running thing and injuries mounting and doubting my ability to handle the mileage I'm asking of myself and my ability to run my goal time at Boston (3:08). Bit of a run-on sentence there. Sorry. haha! Anyway, now I'm feeling much better. :-)

Tomorrow is an easy 6 miler, then 20 for Sunday. Here's hoping for temps in the 30s. Bone-chilling long runs are getting old fast.

Oh, and Chicago is official. So is starting Corral B. Hoping that I can move up to Corral A with a strong run in Boston, if Corral A isn't already filled by then. No big deal if it is. Corral B is A-OK with me!

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