December 4, 2009

Too chilly to type.

While I'm sitting here typing and looking at my blog picture of me at the beach, I have just finished my first sub-freezing run of the year. What irony. It was 28 degrees today for my 10-miler with 4x1 mile intervals (plus 1x1/2 mile for good measure! ha!). It was nice and sunny and I dressed appropriately and very much enjoyed the run. Well, as much as anyone can enjoy tough intervals, that is. Perhaps I should say I enjoyed the warm-up, cool-down and recovery between intervals! :-)

I haven't done intervals for a while. It has been probably over 2 months. I was very happy with how they went considering. Yes, they were a bit inconsistent. Yes, I started too fast. I'm still happy with them. So there!

2 mile warm-up in 15:52

  • 6:22 - Woah, red!
  • 6:26 - Slow down, kiddo!
  • 6:43 - That's more like it.
  • 6:43 - Sweet consistency.
  • 3:24 - a pinch to grow an inch?

1.5 mile cool-down in 12:19

10 miles total in 1:14:34.

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