March 5, 2010

a new toy for an injured red!

Here's some good news... I did lunges (without weights) today with no pain in my left thigh! I've been avoiding any kind of weight-bearing exercise for my upper legs for the past two weeks - biking only. The last several days I've been walking around normally. I almost get to the point where I forget I'm injured... then I torque the upper leg just right and get a reminder. Or I do something stupid like try to carry the vacuum up the stairs and pain shoots through my entire left quad. Yikes!

Since I handled those lunges just fine and am finally walking normally, I'm going to give the elliptical a try again in a few days - maybe Tuesday. Elliptical is weight-bearing but non-impact, so it'll be a good transition. I'll still be biking for the majority of my cardio-training, but I'll slowly incorporate elliptical and maybe stairs as my leg allows.

The return to running is still not in sight.

Today I did the biking version of "cruise intervals" on the recumbent for one hour. It was great! It was one of the pre-programmed workouts. Glad I found it. The bikes have many workouts to choose from, but I'd never seen that one before.

After the speed work, I jumped over to the upright bike for another 30 minutes of easy riding to total 1 1/2 hours on the bike (26.5 miles). I feel good about that! Afterwards I did an hour of strength training.

Speedy is finally ready to be picked up from the bike shop! I go in tomorrow for bike fitting and then he comes home! Woooo!!! (Speedy is my new Trek 6700 WSD hardtail mountain bike) :-))))

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