March 6, 2010

Speedy is home!

I took him for his first spin on the indoor trainer today. He's super sweet!  Didn't even realize the paint job had a matte finish. Couldn't tell that from the photo. He's really a beauty. But looks are secondary. This bike rocks. He may not be top of the line, but for a newbie, he's amazing. Super light aluminum. Disc brakes. Front suspension. Did I mention that he's gorgeous?  ;-)

blog post photo

I found out right away I need some real bike shorts. Chafing!! I've never chafed during my two years of running, but on my first ride, I chafed right away! Bike shorts that come down to mid-thigh should take care of that. heh.

I was thrilled to get my bike today but I did have one setback. During bike fitting at the shop, I was learning how to clip in and out of the pedals. Clipping in was no problem, but the torque placed on my left upper leg while trying to unclip found me screaming in pain. I thought I was healing up quite nicely, but now I know I have a long way to go. Perhaps unclipping will be a good gauge of the progression of my injury? :-)

Lots more time on the bike ahead for me!

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  1. I tried a bike like that but found it KILLED my back..i wound up getting an old beach cruiser on craigslist...then became obsessed with them and started acquiring them and refinishing them!


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