May 9, 2010

Exploring new trails

First time trail running at Island Lake State Park. It was my second RUT (Running Fit's Ultramarathon Team) run. Trails there were pretty non-technical. It'll be a good place to run fast when I'm feeling up to it. Lateral knee pain in my right knee kept me in check today. It was in the same place it was bugging me Thursday on my road run and yesterday at the very end of my trail run. I'm giving it 3 days off now and icing! Grrr!!

Felt good to get a nice, long run in, despite knee pain. I felt great from the waist up. Didn't get tired except near the end of the first loop, and that was only because, as I found out later, Farra was pushing a pretty fast pace! We averaged about 8:27ish on the first loop but got the average down to 8:43 for the second. That's good cuz I would not have survived loop two if we hadn't slowed down!

Now for some well-deserved R&R and a shower. :-)

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