May 23, 2010

I mountain biked!

What a ride!! Went out with Matty and friends, Jaime and John on the singletrack at Addison Oaks and then an out and back on the Paint Creek Trail. Addison was very muddy and slick! It made a huge difference. Last time I rode Addison I did pretty well, but it was very dry. I think I fell four times today, but I kinda lost count. lol!! It's ok. I'm resilient. I lost a little confidence out there, but I'm trying to remind myself that the mud changed everything. Back to my beloved Bald Mountain next time to regain some nerve! (But not today!) Bald Mountain is MUCH less technical and is great for beginners. I think my new strategy will be to alternate between easier trails and trails that give me a good challenge. That way I won't get too frustrated (and scared!) and quit if I try the hard stuff too often.

After the singletrack, all but Matty (who had to go to work), headed down the PCT for a nice and easy out and back. Longest ride ever for me! 37 miles! YES! I may try to get a short run on the trail later to see how the knee responds, but I also need to get this condo cleaned up. That's kind of a priority.

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