January 27, 2011

I love Michigan!

On dailymile.com, a social training website, for each workout you log how you felt during the run, ride, weight training session, etc.  Today I would have given my workout a "great" rating, but was unable to because my legs are so trashed from the Spartacus workout yesterday! This run was so painful! lol!!  I was happy that some of the soreness worked itself out by about halfway through the run, but it didn't totally go away.  That's what an hour of squats and lunges will do!

Otherwise my run was great. The first few miles I tried running with Matty, but he kept lagging behind even though I tried stopping and letting him catch up a few times. It just wasn't going to work. So I eventually took off and ran my own pace. It was still "easy", just a much faster "easy".  I did 8 miles altogether. The first 4 I ran with Matty I averaged 10:30 min/mile, painfully slow for me. The last 4 miles I averaged 8:30 min/mile. That's more like it.

We ran the back roads around our area. It's so beautiful out here. All the roads are dirt with rolling hills and lots of trees and lakes. Now they are covered with ice and snow and the lakes are frozen. It is still beautiful, just a different kind of beautiful. My Kahtoola spikes let me run the icy backroads with 100% confidence of no slipping. I wish I had discovered them years ago.

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