March 28, 2011

This run almost struck out...

Strike One - Headed down the Paint Creek Trail for an out-and-back recovery run. The trail was in horrible shape, so I detoured up the short section of singletrack to hit Kern Rd, across Orion to Stoney Creek Rd.

Strike Two - Since I was passing by Bald Mountain's trails, I ran down to see what shape they were in. BAD. Covered with ice and snow still. Terrible footing. No fun. I turned around and stuck to back roads for the rest of the run.

Fortunately there was no strike three. :-)

This run followed on the tail of two intense days of training. Saturday - 20 mile long run with pal, Fritz, at Kensington Metropark. Tough run. Good physical and mental training.

Sunday - 50 mile (3 1/2 hour) training ride on mountain bikes in preparation for Lumberjack 100 in June. Dreading this race more and more.

So today was a recovery day. Easy run just shy of 9 miles. Felt good on the legs, though I am ready for spring to actually feel like spring. It was 25 degrees out there today. *sigh*

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