November 5, 2009

Garmin Design Flaw and the Iceman Cometh!!

Went for run #3 post-marathon today. Best one yet. Decided to do a ten-miler. The first two were 5 miles and 6 miles. It was time to add a bit more distance. Plus, for some reason, anything under 10 miles is just too short for me to really enjoy. I love distance. I absolutely loved today's run. :-)

The time I recorded in my journal is somewhat approximate as I didn't want to turn on my Garmin and wait forever for it to connect to satellites just to read my final time. Stupid machine. Why didn't they design it so we can turn it on and read past workouts without having it connect to satellites first. Who was the moron who designed the software!?? Fire him, I say! (or her) ;-) Hopefully future models will have this problem fixed.

Anyway, the run was great! And that's all I have to say about that.

Omnis are now over 400 miles. I will mourn them when they pass. They still feel great though. Time to suck it up and fork out cash for a new pair and start rotating them in. *sigh*

Heading to Traverse City tomorrow to watch my husband ride in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race. I'm hoping to find some great running routes/trails up there, maybe even while I'm waiting for him to finish the race! This is one instance where having the Garmin is nice. I can just start running without having to map out a route first. I'll know how far I've gone and how long it took me, etc. So I shouldn't bash Garmin too much. I do like the gadget quite a bit.

Can't wait to enjoy my VIP treatment as a Subaru driver. We get a parking lot all to ourselves near the finish of the Iceman race. All other drivers will have to park in satellite lots and get shuttled in. I LOVE MY SUBARU! haha!

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