November 30, 2009

Mill time and Marathon training plans...

First treadmill run of the season. I need to start weaning myself on to the beast anyway. Worked 7:30a to 5:30p today and it was dark when I got out of work. I won't run in the dark, so the treadmill was the only option if I wanted to run today - which I did! I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill, but a treadmill run is better than no run.

I swear to god all you people who say treadmills feel easier than running outside are insane. My easy pace outside is usually around 8:00/mile, give or take 5-10 seconds, depending on how I feel that day. An 8:00 pace on the mill feels more like a 7:30 pace if I were running outside!! Explain that. (My personal theory is that what you are used to doing is going to seem easier. I'm used to outside, not the mill, so outside feels easier. *shrug*)

Got 5 easy miles on the beast. Felt a little nauseous during the run which was odd. I never get nauseous during runs. Whatever... Next two days see me working 7:30a to 7p, so no more running until Thursday probably. Sucks. I hate working long days.

My goal this weekend: Decide which training program to use for Boston. I have a handful that all look good. Just need to make the decision. I'm leaning toward one of the programs from Advanced Marathoning, the 55-70 miles/week plan. But I keep thinking that the last plan I used worked so well, maybe I shouldn't change. I got the long run schedule for that plan from the Competitive Runner's Handbook and made up the rest myself, tossing in lots of Yasso 800s, mile intervals, tempo runs and MP runs. Part of me really wants to try something different though! Decisions...

Time to catch up on some sleep. I'll need it for the next two days.


  1. Wish I had room in my house some days for a treadmill. Be much more convenient. Do you find you get easily bored though since you arent having hte visual distance to go?

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  2. I use treadmills at the gym. We live in a upper-level condo and therefore can't use treadmills in our home. Our downstairs neighbors would kill us.

    Yes, I get easily bored but try to distract myself by people-watching at the gym or just letting my mind wander.


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