November 27, 2009

Inconsistency is the key???

I turkey trotted!

Okay. Here's the scenario. After my Oct. 18th marathon, I took a full 2 weeks off from running. That doesn't mean I didn't cross-train my butt off, because I did! But I didn't run at all. Zilch. Zero. Then right when I was starting back up with running, Matt and I go on vacation. I did several runs on vacation, but not nearly as much as I would have done at home. Once we got back, I got in only a few more runs before injuring my knee! That kept me away from running for another entire week. Back to cross-training. So, that adds up to nearly a month and a half of very inconsistent training. I expected my Turkey Trot 10K to end up being a training run. At best, maybe I'd run it a little faster than what I'd expect for a typical 6 miler down the Paint Creek Trail - perhaps 45ish minutes. What I didn't expect was a PR by over 20 seconds!!

How is this even possible? Not sure I really care! I'm just enjoying it! :-) This kind of consistent improvement can't last that much longer, so I'm going to keep riding this wave while it lasts!

red's new 10K PR: 41:45 at the 2009 Detroit Turkey Trot!

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