May 10, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

TAPER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to do that.

Anyway, my run today went amazingly well again. Well, that is, after the first 4-5 miles. Those miles had my legs feeling heavy and I felt awkward running. After that I got into my groove and started running smoothly.

Today's stats: 20 miles in 2:35. Oh Yeah!!!

Last mile was 6:59!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the title suggests, today was a complete dress rehearsal for my first marathon in 2 weeks. I wore everything I plan to wear in the race. Yes, down to my underwear, bra and socks! The only exception may be the Fuel Belt. I wore it today but may not wear it at the race. It is nice to know I have the option though. I've done many a long run with it.

Shirt - Blue long-sleeved C9 shirt from Target (I LOOOOVE Target - and their C9 line is fabulous and half the cost of most running clothes!). Shorts - Black Hind running shorts. Socks - White Wrightsock double-layer quarter socks (THE choice for long runs - no blisters!). Shoes - Mizuno Wave Inspire. Underwear - not going there!! ha! And I'll probably wear my white Nike cap.

If it is unusually warm in northern Michigan for that day, I may substitute my white C9 tank for the long-sleeved top. Doubt I'll need to do this. I sure hope I don't forget my Chapstick! That could be catastrophe.

Almost forgot - this week marks my first 50+ mile week. Milestone!

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