May 29, 2009

A Day to Remember

Yesterday was a wonderful day and very little of it revolved around running.

Since I had plans early in the day, I got up and did a 5-miler at 7:30am yesterday morning. It was a tough run! One of those hard "easy" runs. I'm sure it was a combination of the extreme humidity and having run a marathon 5 days earlier. I pushed through it and was glad I did. My pace ended up being 7:58 - so I somehow managed to maintain a decent speed despite the difficulty of the run. Yay!

After a quick stretch and shower, I dressed again in workout clothes and headed over to my mom's house about an hour's drive away. She just recently joined a new gym and has a few free guest passes. We decided to spend the day together and start it off with a workout. This is the first time since I was 16 that I've been to the gym with my mom. It was fun and a great way to start the day.

After the workout, we both got recovery shakes from the cafe area at her gym. We sat and chatted and sipped on liquid yumminess for a while. We couldn't sit around too long though, because we both had massage appointments at a spa nearby!!

The massage was a gift from my mom - for qualifying for Boston maybe? Or maybe just cuz I finished my first marathon? Or maybe just cuz my mom rocks? :-) Anyway, it was wonderful! I felt so relaxed afterward. Wish I could do massage after every race!

We had our massages in a spa in a small town down the road from where my mom lives. This spa is in the process of opening a wine bar! Wine and massage, with maybe a pedicure thrown in for kicks? Heaven! Can't wait until it opens! We'll be back!

The next stage in our wonderful day was a short walk down the street to a cute little small-town coffee shop that has wonderful sandwiches, coffee and soup! Had a smoked turkey pannini with spinach and artichoke spread with a cup of seven-bean soup. YUM! I was sad that I had to head home soon after this. Wish the day could have gone on.

Now I'm back at home and am faced with the tasks of cleaning house, laundry and grocery shopping. Could this day be any more polar extreme from yesterday!!?? Ack! At least I'll start off today right with a run. In fact, gotta go put my trail runners on! Later!

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