June 2, 2009

Well-Deserved Time Off

Well, I did a pretty light week of running last week. Did my first run 3 days after the marathon - a 3.5 miler. Then did an easy 5 a few days after that. Then an easy 6 and finally an 8 miler on Sunday. It was kind of a reverse taper in my mind.

After a week of easy running, I've decided maybe I do need some time off. My left shin started bugging me about a week before the marathon. I stopped running altogether until two days before the marathon when I tested it out on an easy 3 miler on the trails. It felt fine then, so I felt more confident about the race.

My shin never bothered me during the race and didn't start bothering me again until just a few days ago. Figures. I wouldn't even call it true "pain". It is just a bothersome "wrongness" that I don't want to turn into a serious issue. Sooo.... I'm taking about a week and a half off to see how it responds to rest. Hopefully it is one of the minor causes of shin splints and not something serious like a stress fracture. I'm really only marginally worried about it and just playing it safe. I have time on my side now since I just finished my first marathon and don't need to start training for the next one for about a month.

Let the cross-training begin!!!

Oh, wait. It already has... Did a 20 minute vigorous workout on the stationary bike and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. Then I headed over to the FreeMotion machines (my new love) and did an upper body workout. I feel great!

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