June 9, 2009

Nachos and Red Wings!

It is two days before I need to start running again to test out my legs and get ready for my next race and my shin really isn't feeling much better now than it did before this current running hiatus started. That is really bumming me out. I'll be running on Thursday regardless, but I was hoping for several days pain-free before starting. I should really say "discomfort-free", because, as I've said before, it isn't outright painful - just annoying and nerve-wracking! Why isn't it healing?? By now I would have expected the discomfort to be gone even if it isn't totally healed. Very, very frustrating!!

At least I'll be able to do all my runs on soft surfaces. Even the race is a trail race. If I need to run, that's the best way to do it, I guess.

Got in the pool again today! Again only did about 500 meters and even that was WAY slow! haha! I stink at swimming! But I'm going to plug away at it and get better! I discovered during these past two swims that I badly need a swim cap! This mass of red hair is all I see when I turn my head to the side to get a gasp of air.

Here's another spot of good news: The RW training log was FAST today. WOOO!!

Tonight: Matty's famous nachos and watching the RED WINGS win the Stanley Cup. Too bad they aren't home in Detroit for the win.

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