June 5, 2009

I am NOT out of shape! I swear!

Just when I think I am pretty darned fit (I ran a marathon, didn't I!?), I go and try a new sport (swimming) and am huffing and puffing after only one length!!! SHEESH! And I was really trying to swim SLOOOOWLY. I could actually FEEL my heart pounding in my chest after each lap. I had to stop and rest after almost every lap. I felt a little ridiculous - like everyone around me must be looking at me thinking, "she sure is out of shape." I should tape the words, "I can run a marathon" on my suit just for clarification. :-) Wow, that was really hard. I mean, my heart and lungs shouldn't have been working that hard. Now I'm thinking that if I can master the art of swimming, my running is going to improve by leaps and bounds!

I only ended up doing around 20 lengths. I had a hard time keeping track of lengths, so it could be as high as 24, I suppose. I did a mix of strokes - freestyle, breast, sidestroke and even "ran" a few laps. It may have been short, but it was a good workout. I'll get better at it!

I was finally excited to try swimming. I wanted to try it for a while now but was in desperate need of a new suit and goggles. My old one-piece was so old, it was nearly threadbare. The only other suits I had were bikinis and I would have felt really stupid swimming laps in a bikini. Then we found an ad for 25% off all suits at Sports Authority this week and figured this was my chance! Suits are so expensive!! Got a new Speedo one-piece (blue and black) and some TYR goggles. I am ready for the pool!

I also put air in my trusty comfort bike's tires and hit the bike trails yesterday with my man! That was a ton of fun! I think I'll have to get my bike out again today. It's super sunny and in the mid-70s. I can't stay inside much longer or I'll explode. That'd be messy.

So, cross-training is going well! I'm having some fun with it, trying new things and getting some great workouts. I still want to RUN. First run is planned for next Thursday. Shin is so-so at the moment. It's getting lots of ice and antiinflamatories. Wish me and my shin luck!

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