June 16, 2009

I blame my legs.

Now that I have a new running watch (YAYAYAY!!!) that actually will record splits, I now have PROOF that my legs have a "negative split mentality". I'm one of those silly runners who has a hard time with easy runs. I can't seem to run slowly. It takes a lot of FOCUS to run slowly, and even then, I usually end up getting too speedy for my own good (and the good of my shins, achilles, etc.). If my mind wanders at all, then I'm screwed. My little legs see their chance and take off! Traitors.

So here is that proof I mentioned. It was supposed to be an easy six. After all, I'm coming back from a mini-hiatus due to a sore shin and also trying to build back up slowly after my marathon three weeks ago.

The splits were:

  1. 8:26
  2. 8:05
  3. 8:00
  4. 7:50
  5. 7:45
  6. 7:30

I swear I was trying (at times) to slow myself down! I thought the heat today would even help. Today was my first run of the season with temps over 70 degrees. In fact, today it was 76! No such luck. The heat didn't affect me. I guess I just keep trying. :-)

Shin update: Felt pretty good after the run today. I'm headed downstairs momentarily to get some ibuprofen and ice, just as a precaution. I will keep doing this until I am sure it is okay.

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