July 15, 2009

Distracted by Wildlife

Yesterday during my easy run, I saw a group of these guys scampering along the rocky shore of Stony Creek Lake in the Metropark:

blog post photo

So cute!!!

There were five of them altogether. Must have been a mom and her almost-grown babies. I'm pretty sure they are minks. I've never seen these guys in the wild before and I've lived in Michigan nearly all my life. I stopped in my tracks to watch them for a while.

Perhaps I'll get back to blogging about running soon. I'm kind of caught up in watching the Tour de France lately and reading. I've been reading about running and I picked up a sci-fi novel, Timescape by Gregory Benford. So I just kind of got out of the habit of blogging for a while. Running has been going GREAT lately. Lots of great races, long runs and speed workouts.

Had my best race ever on the 4th of July - the Volkslaufe 20K. I did 1:27:33 (7:03 pace) and got 2nd in my age group (8th overall). So my old 10K pace (7:00) is almost my 20K pace now. Wow! :-)


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