August 28, 2009

Giddy about Yasso 800s

I'm giddy, absolutely giddy about my interval workout today. Shun me if you must, but I've become a huge fan of the track. :-)

Wasn't looking forward to the workout today. The weather was crappy - rainy and cold. My shin started acting up again yesterday, so I was concerned about doing a hard workout. Plus, there's been quite a gap in time since I did my last intervals (scheduling just didn't work out), so I wasn't sure if I could handle my planned 8x800s. I decided to go for it anyway and headed out to the closest available track in Rochester Hills. I've never actually felt nervous driving to a run before, but I did today.

I think the tipping point may have been my new Mizuno Elixirs that I've been dying to try out. If I didn't have new shoes, I may have skipped the workout! That's how much I didn't want to do it!

So glad I did! I managed to pick just the right time to go. There was a gap in the rain, probably will be the only one all day. The rain stayed away until my 7th interval, then started up again only very lightly. It wasn't until I shut myself in my car that the rain started coming down significantly. Perfect!

Then there's the workout itself. Shin issues? Nonexistant. I felt fantastic from step one. The warm-up felt good and I felt more and more confident with each interval. My goal for my Yasso 800s has been 3:18s. I think I need to update my goal. I had too much fuel left after today's workout and only once got close to 3:18!! Here's how it went:

8x800 with 400 jogs (2 1/4 mile warm-up, 1 mile cool-down)

  1. 3:16
  2. 3:15
  3. 3:15
  4. 3:17
  5. 3:15
  6. 3:16
  7. 3:15
  8. 3:05

So despite the fact I haven't been to the track for a while, I managed to improve nonetheless. I'll take it! My ultimate goal for this workout is to do 10x800 at 3:18 (or less!) before my fall marathon. I have no doubt now I'll be able to do it.

-happy red

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