August 6, 2009

The Great Pizza Challenge 5K Report

The Great Pizza Challenge! I'm the wife a pizza restaurant owner. How could I pass up a race with this theme?? Free pizza and soda after the race - so they advertised. Here's the rest of the story...

I was very impressed that this little race was using the D-Tag system. That was a bonus right from the start. Then I learned later that this is the only race timing system that is totally American. Double bonus!

The race took place is dear ole Flint, MI. I was born in Flint. Right at about the time that it was going downhill... fast! Going back to Flint always brings back memories. I immediately recognized the dilapidated building that used to house the University Club - an upscale members-only restaurant that my family visited every Wednesday night when I was a kid. The club was on the 19th floor - I'll never forget that. I remember those elevator rides quite distinctly. My twin sis and I used to love peering out the windows down at the city. I was always mesmerized by the nighttime city lights. I remember feeling a little anxious at the height and the idea that only a little glass was between me and a 19 story drop. I was then and am still quite afraid of heights.

The race start and finish were only yards from this building. It has barricades around it now. It is falling apart. I heard just today that it was recently purchased. I wonder if it will be demolished. I hate to say it, but it would be for the best - for Flint, that is. Flint needs revitalizing. The city is moving in the right direction, but very slowly.

The race itself was a nice, flat, paved course. There were only a few tight turns that I had issue with. There was also a curb that jutted out and surprised me. Disaster averted! Overall it was a pretty fast course and I accomplished my goal of sub 21:00. My time was 20:18 (6:33 pace). I am very happy with this! I still say short races are so much harder than a nice half marathon!! At least in a half marathon I am running at a fairly comfortable pace for much of the race and it is only that last several miles that hurt. In a 5K, I am hurting the entire time!! :-) Is the pain worth the age group award? (I came in 1st.) YES! heh.

The worst part of the race? The pizza. UGH!! Wow. It was downright horrible. What a disappointment. And get this. When it comes to pizza, for me, the more meat, the better! My fav pizza has extra pepperoni and super spicy sausage and perhaps some ham thrown on for good measure. If it used to oink, I want it on my pizza!! So I was scanning the paper plates on the table for the most meatful of the bunch. I walked back and forth several times. There it is! I thought I spotted it! Both pepperoni and sausage and not too overcooked. I grabbed the plate and got out of the line. When I found an open area to stop and eat my pizza, I looked down at my plate and was horrified. I had grabbed a veggie pizza!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Not only that, but it had chunks of tomato on it - the most disgusting veggie imaginable! I HATE tomatoes! How did this happen!!!???

Fear not. I have recovered. And I'll make up for it with a cheeseburger tomorrow.

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