August 29, 2009

I'm running 22 miles to watch a race!

Had an awesome trail run today. It felt effortless. I was flying over the trail as if the rocks and roots didn't exist. I think the low temperature made all the difference in the world. Most of my trail runs in the past few months have been in temps in the 80s and high humidity. Today was 70 and breezy. But all my efforts, pushing myself through training runs despite the heat have paid off. I think my fall runs will be wonderful because of it. Kind of like how my spring runs and races were great due to my hard work in the extreme winter weather. Of course, this winter I need to work even harder with Boston so early in the spring! Eek!

Tomorrow is my first 22-mile training run. The only other time I've run that far was my one and only marathon! I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to the serenity on the trail, that feeling you get when you fall into the right groove and it seems like you can run forever, Espresso Love Gu, and my hubby waiting at the end of my run getting ready to do his own race - mountain bikes! I planned my route so I end at the park where his race takes place. I'll be sure not to forget to put a beach chair in his car, extra clothes and lots of Gatorade and fig newtons!! Oh, I'll probably need some naproxen too and perhaps an ice pack. ha! I bet I'll be the most pooped spectator at that race!

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