November 9, 2008

Great Long Run Today!

Awesome long run today! I ran later in the day than usual since we stayed the night at my mom's last night due to too much wine on hubby's part! :-) I took my water bottle (w/ hand strap) with me filled about halfway. I also took a package of Luna Moons (yum!) and had them at about mile 7. I felt SO much better on this long run than I did last week when I stupidly didn't take any water or fuel. That water bottle does tend to bug my shoulder after about 8-9 miles, so I'd still like to try a fuel belt especially as my long runs get loooonger.

My Luna Moons got very cold and extra chewy by the time I ate them! It was about 38 degrees and snowing just slightly today. The temperature was perfect, except when it came to my poor moons. It took too long to chew them. I absolutely can't stand Clif or Power Gels. Someone mentioned Honey Stingers which I may try. I love honey. If they taste anything like honey, they may be workable. Really a gel would be more practical during a race, so I hope the Honey Stingers work.

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