November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot - New 10K PR!!

The Turkey Trot went great!! I got a new PR. The official results are not online yet, so I'll have to update this post a little later. My watch has me at 43:31, which is nearly 3 minutes faster than my previous best. Yay!! I know I was top 100 (women) because I got a Turkey Trot fleece scarf at the finish line. Matt is jealous. hah!!

I went out really fast and with about 2 miles to go, I started wondering if I went out too fast. But I tried mind-over-body and told myself that pain is temporary - the race will be over in a matter of minutes. That worked. So much of running is mental.

Some poor guy did push too hard. With the finish line literally in sight, I saw him veer off to the side, put his hands on his knees, and just as I was passing him, I heard him lose his stomach contents! Thank god I didn't see it actually happen. Hearing it was bad enough! Poor dude.

Oh, and I actually saw Mark (see Nov 23 post) at the race! He passed me at about the halfway point and recognized me. What are the chances??

When you run a Turkey Trot, you can stuff your face at dinner and not feel guilty about it. It's a win-win situation.

Edit: Well, not sure why, but my official chip time is much slower than my watch time. The only way that could have happened is if they didn't have a chip start. But they did have a mat! *shrug* My time: 44:07 (7:07 pace)

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