November 30, 2008


I think it is safe to say that today is the first official "snow storm" of the season. It is beautiful yet treacherous out. Beautiful when one is sitting safely in her living room staring out at the lovely whiteness. Treacherous when one contemplates driving (or having a loved one drive) in it. I got my AWD Subaru just in time. Make me proud, Cricket.

I ran with Matty this morning. He ran to work (10.5 miles) and I turned around at the six mile mark which totaled a 12-mile long run today. I got in minutes before the snow started. Not sure how Matty will get home tonight. Maybe his Grand Cherokee is at the store and he can drive home. If not, I hope he gets a ride or calls me.

Could this little red-head have exercise-induced asthma. Coughing and wheezing have been a slight problem upon finishing runs. It used to occur occasionally during the warmer months but now happens regularly. It also is happening during random times during the day, especially when the white-trash smoker lights up inside the condo below us (he's too wimpy to go outside now that it is cold out) and the smell permeates our walls. I really hate this condo. I love Lake Orion, but I would give most anything for a house! Sharing walls with people who have no concept of common courtesy is driving me to madness.

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