November 23, 2008

Honey Stingers - Bad, Motivation - Good

Honey Stingers = YUCK!!! So much for that idea. Now what!? Maybe I'll try Swedish Fish. hehe!

Had a motivating thought today. I'm not so much the type that needs fluffy stuff like this, but here it is anyway... I ran into this guy (Mark) on the Paint Creek Trail today who was running at about my pace. We started chatting and it turns out he is running the Turkey Trot this Thursday as well. He mentioned he'd run it in the past so I asked how many people usually participate. His staggering response was 10,000!!!! YEEESH! This'll be the biggest 10K I've done. I told him I was hoping to get a PR in the race, so he said to try to get as close to the front as I dare, even moving up past my expected pace or I could kiss my PR goodbye. That got me wondering if I'd be disappointed if I didn't PR in the race and I realized that I wouldn't. The reason is that I can still vividly remember when it was terribly difficult to run a mere 3 miles at one time!!! This was less than 2 years ago! Now I can do 15 (and probably more) with little trouble. Anything I accomplish in a race at this point is amazing considering how far I have come!!

Just run...

Edit: Just registered for the Martian Half-Marathon in Dearborn in April. It's about 6 weeks before Bayshore so it should be a good gauge for what to expect for the "Big One"!! Plus the race shirt is so ridiculous, I just had to participate. Ha! To see it for yourself, visit the race's website: Martian Marathon

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