December 4, 2008

Fartlek Fun

Matt and I drove to Stony Creek Metropark this morning to run. We did a little speed work today. One of my fav ways to do that is a fartlek - which I learned is Swedish for "speed play". It is basically an unstructured type of interval training where you occasionally pick up the pace for a certain distance, recover and repeat. Speed and distance of the intervals can be totally random. It's way more fun than the structured stuff, though I see the value of structured interval runs where you can more easily measure how you are progressing. Today I picked the "pick-ups". Matty had no idea when I was going to speed up or slow down. He said that was half the fun. I think next time we should take turns.

Bayshore, Bayshore, Bayshore.... :-)))))


  1. O.K. Five months to Bay Shore. Don't get burnt out thinking about it every day. Is Daniel thinking about running it? Luke was talking about heading up for the weekend, as well as Tara and Serge. It might end up being a crazy run. Love ya, bear.

  2. Don't you try to rain on my parade!!


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