December 29, 2008

FitPoint Assessment and New Shoes

Did my FitPoint Assessment at Lifetime today. Apparently my body age is 27! Cool! I wonder if I can start telling people I'm 27 when they ask my age??? I did great in the Cardio and Body Comp assessment. VO2 approx 46. That's supposed to be good, I'm told. Body fat 13% and BMI of 18.8%. My strength was above average, but not super, but where I really tanked was flexibility. It was rather embarassing. Sitting down with my legs straight out in front of me, I was supposed to reach as far forward as I could. Well, I made it less than 4 inches!! Ack! The trainer was shocked! He thinks I should do Yoga or Pilates. hahaha! Not in a million years. If he can find me a class that includes stretching and flexibility training without the mind, soul and spirit crap, then sign me up. Otherwise, I'm not interested. Anyway, overall, I did really well! He got me more interested in heart rate based training, but that would take a significant $$ investment in a monitor, so I'll have to start saving up!

Getting new running shoes is always exciting. I was so thrilled when I found Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7s on sale for 40% off. I'd run in the GTS 6 before and they were great. I tried on the 7s and they felt good running around the store (I got lots of funny looks - it wasn't a running store), so I picked them up. Gotta save money when you can, right? Well, I was sorely disappointed. Good thing I tried them out on the treadmill first. The left shoe felt great but my right foot was not comfortable at all. I had read reviews about the GTS 7 not living up to the previous model year, and I guess they were right. I should have listened to the Runner's World reviewers! ha! Anyway, I took my supposed money-saving shoes back and found some Brooks Infinitis at the local running specialty store. They have been awesome! Yay! The Infiniti is much more cushioned, especially in the forefoot, where I need it with just a touch of medial stability. Just perfect! I'm a happy runner again.

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