December 6, 2008

Snowy Run

Matt and I drove out to Stony Creek Metropark again for our run this morning. It was about 22F and snowing - a lot. Snow. Lots of it. I have proof. We brought a camera. Now you can see how obsessed we are. Snow, shmo! I am running! I even had icicles on my eyebrows at the end. I wish we had thought to take a photo of that! Oh, I almost forgot to mention. The snow was blowing UP at times. I swear to god, UP. The snow was literally defying gravity. Weird.

We met another Stony Creek Running Club member. Morry. At least I think that's how he spelled it. He caught up with us at about mile 4 1/2 out of 6, so we jogged and chatted for a short time. Anyway, he got us thinking about joining up with the running club again. I think Matt is motivated to get up early tomorrow and join the group at Stony Creek at 8am. It's bagel Sunday, so if we do it, we get free food and coffee! Woo! That always helps in the motivation department.


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