March 8, 2009

Here Comes Kitten Season

Friday’s weather ended up just being a teaser. The past few days saw temps dropping back down to the upper 30s to low 40s with lots of rain. I’ll still take those temps over the teens and low 20s I dealt with most of the winter.

There are other signs of Spring on the way. Today I heard the voice of a Red-Winged Blackbird. Soon they shall be squawking at me all summer to get out of their territory. Snotty little birds. Also, I can’t look up without seeing scores of Canada Geese making their way back to the area – the skies are filled with V after V of geese honking their return!

The streams are close to overflowing with the snow melt and rain from this weekend. Many roads are closed due to flooding. And soon I will be keeping my eye out for the first Skunk Cabbage bud peeking its ugly, smelly little head out of the ground. Yes, daffodils and crocus flowers are prettier and smell a whole heckuva lot better, but the Skunk Cabbage is always first!

The last and best sign of Spring for those in the veterinary profession is: KITTEN SEASON!!!

I managed to get my 12 mile semi-long run in this morning between bouts of rain. My achilles made it the entire 12 miles! It complained just a little, and I babied it up the hills, but we made it together. I started picking up some speed near the bottom of a long hill with about 2 miles to go and asked my running partner (hubby) if we could try to keep that pace until the end. He agreed and we did! We ended with a great kick at the end that left me exhausted but feeling thrilled! Man, I sure wish I knew how fast we were going!

And get this, the faster I went near the end, the better my achilles felt. Weird, but I’ll take it!

So, after the first 8 miles I would have classified the overall run as mediocre, but the fabulous ending pushed it into the “not bad” range. haha! Being able to finish 12 miles really gave me a lot more confidence that I’ll be able to complete this marathon after all. I’m quite happy!

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