March 24, 2009

Good Things Come...

It's really late. I'm tired. But I wanted to get this blog entry in while I'm still feeling psyched about my last workout.

Today at work was kind of crappy. I had to cover for someone this afternoon - it is normally my afternoon off. Because I had to cover today, I'll end up working three 12 hour shifts in a row. Tomorrow is the last one (which means I should be in bed, not blogging!). My workout usually takes place during my afternoon off. No afternoon off means my workout today occurred after standing on my feet for 12 hours (well - minus my 45 min. nap at lunch). I was determined not to let a crappy work shift alter my running schedule, so I brought my gym bag with me to work. At 7 pm I drove straight to the gym and took the first treadmill I could find. I didn't have high hopes considering my sour mood and a full work day behind me.

I was WAY wrong!

It was an awesome workout. I ended up doing only 4.5 miles, but it was a great 4.5 miles.

Being a newbie and not having done speedwork for a while due to my tender achilles, I decided to play around with my speed on the treadmill today. This is what I did. Forgive me for not converting mph into min/mile, but I'm tired, after all. It is 45 minutes past my bedtime. :-)

Ran the first mile at 6.8 mph to warm up, second at 7.5 mph, third at 7.8 mph, then hiked it up slowly over the next mile and ended with last 1/4 mile at 8.4 mph. Didn't even start feeling tired til almost near the end. Did the last half mile back at 6.8 mph to cool down then walked another 1/4 mile at 3.8 mph.

I felt exhilarated after the run!! (I had to look up how to spell that word cuz I really wanted to use it.) hahahaha!!!!

I felt so good I did 12 minutes on the rowing machine afterwards and then my usual core and upper body workout. My post-workout shower never felt so good. I can sometimes gauge the quality of a workout by how darned good the shower feels. hehe!


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