March 31, 2009

Parking Space Stalkers

I took yesterday off from running to recover from my race. My legs thanked me for that. Today I did an easy 4-miler at the gym. Michigan is still trying to hang on to old man winter, and I didn't like the look of the sky when I stepped outside after work today. So, to the gym I went.

My workout was fairly unremarkable except that I decided to officially retire my Brooks for good. They are now gym shoes only. No more running in them. Didn't like how my legs felt today even after such a short run.

The remarkable part of the day at the gym came in the parking lot, of all places. When I left the gym, rush hour was just starting. The parking lot was starting to fill up. As I was walking to my car, I noticed a big, white Chevy SUV following SLOWLY behind me. Now, it was broad daylight and there were people all around me so it wasn't my safety I was concerned with. Oh, no. I knew right away what was going on. This person had come to a GYM and yet was insisting on cruising the parking lot looking for the closest parking space possible instead of just taking the first available and WALKING. Cuz walking might cause her to break a sweat?? It's a GYM!!!!!!

This behavior irritates me even in the grocery store parking lot, but finding this behavior taking place in a gym parking lot just blows my mind. I don't get it. I really don't.

Of course, when I catch on to someone stalking my spot, this stubborn redhead deliberately slows down. Juvenile? Maybe. But I'm also working on principle here, people. I'll take my sweet ole time getting into the car and then just sit there listening to music until the stalker gets frustrated and drives off. Score one for the redhead, zero for laziness!!

This puts me in mind of Dean's Blog from a few days ago. He is right on. America is fat because America is lazy (and gluttonous). The behavior exhibited today is just one tiny example.

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