March 1, 2009

I Couldn't Move my Fingers!

High praise to the incredible edible egg! It often helps me refuel after a run with lots of protein in a small, nutrient-dense package. Muy yum! I always keep hard-boiled eggs in my fridge. And soon they shall be pastel-colored now that Easter is approaching! :-)

On a sadder note, I lost my favorite REI fleece gloves. They were perfect for temps in the 30s as they also doubled as a nice, soft nose-wiper. haha! Maybe my gloves are not gone though. Maybe they are only temporarily misplaced and will show up unexpectedly sometime soon. Here's hoping... *sigh*

I did a 9 mile run today which went wonderfully until the very last quarter mile when my achilles started acting up again. I was forced to walk about 3/4 of a mile back to my car with temps in the low 20s and moderate winds. I was so cold when I got back I couldn't use my fingers very well. It was hard to start my car to get the heater and heated seat going! Usually the heated seat gets so hot on the "high" setting that I have to turn in down after a few minutes. Today I kept it on high and couldn't feel it at all after a few minutes. Bizarre and a little disturbing. Anyway, I just couldn't get warm. I was going to drive to the gym, but drove home instead so I could warm up with a blanket draped over me and a heat vent. That's the fastest way to warm up in my condo - even better than a hot shower. It did the trick but then I was bone tired. I napped for several hours this afternoon. It made me start wondering how much energy it takes the body to warm up after being exposed to so much cold. I also wonder what my body temperature was. I don't know what the technical definition of "hypothermic" is, but I was headed that way... Needless to say, I didn't stop and stretch before getting in my car! Now that I'm finally back to normal body temp-wise and energy level-wise, I'm about to start my core and upper body training here at home. No gym today!


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