February 27, 2009

Michigan Marathons

The idea of finishing a marathon in all 50 states sounds like a lot of fun to me. However, my income does not allow for such an extravagant goal. So, I came up with the idea of finishing all the marathons in my own great state of MICHIGAN!! I was quite surprised by the number! We have 12 marathons currently! Now this doesn't mean I won't go out of state at all. I'd still love to travel as time and money allows. After all, if I qualify for Boston, I'm GOING!!

Here's the list of current Michigan marathons. For all I know, some may be cancelled or added as the years go by. If anyone knows of any others that I missed, let me know!

Michigan marathons


Grand Rapids
Boyne 2 Boyne
Run Charlevoix
Beaver Island Marathon
Carollton Marathon


The Trail Marathon
Grand Island Marathon
The North Country Trail Marathon
Fallsburg Marathon

I should have 2 crossed off the list by the end of the year! Wow! That's progress! May is Bayshore, of course and this Fall will probably be either Grand Rapids or Detroit. Next year I would like to do the Grand Island Marathon. That's as far out as I've planned so far. Exciting!

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