February 1, 2009

Injured Red

I was supposed to run an easy 7 miles today. I drove straight from the baby shower (ugh!) to the gym to get my easy run and strength training in before going home to watch the big game. I was kicking myself a little for not packing outdoor running clothes because it was over 40F and sunny by the time the shower was over. I wanted to run outside so badly, but all I had was a tank and running shorts. Ten degrees warmer and I might have run outside anyway!

Well, 7 miles didn't happen today. Around mile 3 I started feeling a little tweek at the back of my right heel. By mile 4 it had developed into true pain and I was forced to stop. Now I'm very worried about it. I went ahead and did my core and upper body training and limped to my car for the drive home. Now I'm icing it and I already popped a few ibuprofen. I don't even want to think about it too much because it is already starting to depress me. Yet, here I am blogging about it. Okay, maybe I'm fishing for sympathy just a little.

I have no idea how serious it is and yet I keep thinking of the worst. What if I have to stop training? What if I can't run any of the three races I've already registered for in the next four months? What if I can't run my first marathon that I've already put so much physical and emotional investment into? I will be crushed. During almost every training run I start picturing myself finishing the marathon and imaging how it will feel accomplishing something so amazing. You might as well stick a knife in my chest than take that away from me. It's all I look forward to. It keeps me going through long, stressful weeks at work... I'm having trouble seeing the screen right now, so I better change subjects.

On the plus side, today I learned how to make a most delicious smoothie. One cup milk (2%), half cup vanilla yogurt, frozen bananas and one packet of the protein recovery stuff that I got as a free sample from Lifetime. Hmmm, their marketing strategy may have worked on me. And I love it when good-for-me stuff tastes like dessert!

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  1. You were smart to stop when the pain told you to. Running through colds is good. Running through injuries is not. It's not for everyone but I've found that eating dried tart cherries works great as a post run anti-inflammatory. it's got other benefits as well. Since I've integrated them into my running diet i have not needed Ibu or anything else.


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