February 8, 2009

Heal, Heel!!

Wouldn't it figure my 4-pack of seasonal GU (mint chocolate, Mmmm) would arrive just in time for me to stop training. Yes, yes, I'm whining again. It is part of my daily frustration release. The March print version of RW recommended it. Really. Usually I just cry, but today I decided to put my thoughts on paper and eat cake. Really GOOD cake. Cake made with Bailey's Irish Cream. I spent several hours at the gym today and I deserve it, damn it.

I've also become a cross-training maniac. According to my beloved RW training log, I've spent 3 hrs 38 minutes on the stationary bike this week - a combo of the upright and recumbent bikes. I like the recumbent because it really works my glutes. So much so that I can't stay on it for long periods of time until my rear gets in better shape! I wonder if I'll come out of this convalescence a better hill runner! Oh yeah!

I will also be much stronger by the time this recovery period is over. I did core work and weight training four times each this week - 3 times upper body, 2 times legs (what I can do that doesn't involve my aching heel).

Speaking, er, writing of my heel. I'm not so convinced it is an achilles injury any more. The pain was initially right at the spot where my achilles attaches to the heel bone, but that pain is completely gone. In fact, it was gone within a few days and I have complete range of motion in my ankle. The swelling and tenderness has migrated. Can it do that? Silly question. Of course it can. It DID! Anyway, the tenderness is now on the bottom of my foot at the very back part of my heel. I don't feel anything with comfy shoes on, but when I'm at home and shoeless, I definitely feel achy. I still pop ibu pills and ice everyday. Here's hoping my GI tract, liver and kidneys can handle that much drug. ha!

What could it possibly be if it isn't achilles? Who knows. A doctor might know, but a doctor would take all the money that I need for things like mortgage, groceries, heat, water, running shoes and Bailey's cake. And what would a doctor do? Give my injury a name and tell me to do what I'm doing right now - resting. I know there is the potential to be more to it than that, but that's the most likely scenario. So, at least one more week of no running at all is in order, then I'll reevaluate my pesky little foot. Wish me luck!

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