February 2, 2009

Red's Injury Report - Vol II

I had to work today - 12 hours on my feet. My heel felt swollen all day and although it does not hurt to walk, the tightness at the achilles makes it hard to walk normally. I'm guessing it is an achilles injury - the pain yesterday was right where the tendon attaches to the heel. I raided the medicine cabinet at work this morning for an antiinflammatory knowing that it'd be a long day (and I forgot to bring meds from home). There was no ibuprofen and the aspirin bottle expired in 2003. Fortunately there was some naproxen. I prefer ibuprofen for swelling, but beggars can't be choosers, eh?

Now that I'm FINALLY home, I'm icing it again. I think running may be out for a few weeks. Hello, pool and stationary bike, here I come! Now that a day has passed, I'm somewhat calmer and thinking more reasonably. Taking 3-4 weeks off will not ruin me. I will probably still be able to run my races, though I may not be as competitive. I wish I could afford to do the right thing - see a doctor and get some PT, but that is not in the budget. It sucks.

This poor achilles is really taking a beating too. Last summer it was bothering me about an 1 - 1 1/2 inches above the spot where I injured it yesterday. That old injury was never very bad. I didn't have to stop running. I just cut back on mileage, took it easy on hills, didn't do speedwork and started stretching and strength training more regularly. Now that the old achilles injury is almost healed, another point along the tendon decides to go on strike! Grrrrrr...

To end on a happy, totally non-running related note: I got to help save a kitty's life today! Yay!! He couldn't pee. Poor fella was miserable. Now he has a tube coming out of both ends - his front leg and his rear end. Plus he's sporting a high-fashion Elizabethan collar. He looks like a satellite dish. hehe! But at least he's alive and not in pain anymore.

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