February 15, 2009

Back at it, Red.

Alright. I'm back at it. Not running, unfortunately, but at least I can cross-train again. That GI virus is nearly finished being overcome by my immune system and I went back to the gym today for the first time since last Tuesday. I probably should have taken today off too, but I couldn't stand being sedentary anymore! I AM AN ATHLETE!!!!!

That felt good.

Today I spent 33 minutes on the upright bike and 15 on the recumbant (for my glutes!). I did a moderately easy resistance level since I am still not 100% yet. I also gave the elliptical a try for the first time today. Not a bad workout. Only did 15 minutes since I already had spent so much time on the bike.

Then it was over to the mats for core work. After core was upper body and leg strength training. Did all of my strength training with machines today instead of free weights. I usually mix it up a bit for variety, but the free weight area was BUSY, so I stayed away today.

One of my favorite strength training machines that I use almost every time is the chin-up and tricep-dip machine with assistance. You can gradually reduce the amount of assistance until you're able to do the exercises without any help. I'm already there with the dips and progressing nicely with chin-ups (wide-grip). So don't mess with this 1 buck redhead. haha!! Actually, I can do 7 narrow-grip chin-ups with no assistance already. I'm so proud!

I could feel my GI tract grumble at me at times for not giving it more recovery time. I couldn't do any exercises in the prone position. Oh no. That was out of the question. No pressure on the abdomen today, thank you very much. That meant Lolo's superman was a no-no and my prone hamstring curl didn't happen. I found other ways to work my glutes, lower back and hams. Variety is the spice of life.

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