February 10, 2009

Hiking the Bald Mountain

I had my gym bag all packed and stowed in the closet at work so I could head straight to the gym when my shift was over. After I clocked out, I stuck my head outside because I heard a rumor that Spring was in the air. Boy was it! Mid-February in Michigan is usually not much warmer than January, but today it hit the upper 50s!! And it was sunny!! Though it killed me not being able to run in it, I did the next best thing. I went hiking on my favorite trails.

It was fabulous! The trails were thick with slush. Thank GOD for Gore-Tex hiking boots! Even the wind felt pleasant instead of frigid for a change. And I have to admit, as much as I love new running gear, I was a hiker first, and I really love putting on my hiking gear! I can't wait to get a new backpack this year! (REI dividends - woo!) The walk made me long for summer camping trips and long hikes on technical trails. I had to make the most of this day, and I'm glad I put cross-training on hold for just this one time.

I was a good girl when I got home and did my core work and upper body strength training. We have a nice complement of dumbbells and a workout bench, so even though I prefer the gym, I can work every muscle group at home. Plus, it let me spend more time with my hubby who is also sidelined with an injury. My injury allows me to cross-train, but he is on doctor's orders to do nothing for at least 2 weeks. Poor man.

We were working on optimism today and made some plans for a few more races this year. We will soon be registering for the Crim 10 Mile in Flint, MI and the Brooksie Way Half Marathon (hilly!) in Rochester, MI. We did them both last year for the first time and loved both races. Since the Crim has a special place in my heart (it is in my hometown and one of the few really good things about poor Flint) and Brooksie is in the town Matt and I both work in, we'll probably end up making these two races we do every year - a new tradition for us. We also might make racing on Mackinac Island and/or the upper peninsula at least once each year a tradition. That way we can tag a camping trip on the front or rear end of the race!

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