February 20, 2009

Free Medical Advice! (yes, from a physician!)

Here’s how badly I miss running. I took my finisher’s certificate from my best half-marathon off my computer desktop because it made me so sad to see it everyday. Now there’s a peaceful nature scene. It’s not really helping.

I do have a bit of good news. I mentioned before that I don’t have insurance and therefore can’t see a doctor about my heel injury. Well, yesterday in our local paper, there was an article about a free clinic at the local running store put on by a podiatrist who is also a runner!!!! How awesome is that!! He’ll be doing free foot physicals, biometrical evaluations and gait analysis. I’ll be the first one there for sure! I kinda feel like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music – I must have done something right because fate is smiling on me! haha!!

Because of the clinic which is planned for next Tuesday, I’m putting off my tentative return to running until after I get advice from the doctor. I was going to try building up to a jog from a brisk walk on Sunday, but I think it’d be wise to hold off for those two extra days. After three weeks, what is two more days??

I missed reporting on my last workout because the dratted TV was blaring while I was trying to type. I’m one of those who can’t focus with noise in the background, so I gave up on blogging that day. Anyway, the last two days were great cross-training days that found me on the stationary bike (upright and recumbent again) and the elliptical for cardio. Yesterday I did my core and upper body strength training and today I did a little more core work and legs.

Since I’m not running, I figured this would be the perfect time to try a spinning class with my husband. He’d already done the class once and loved it, so I joined him yesterday. For all I know, it may have been a great class. However, I could only hear about a quarter of what the instructor was saying, so I couldn’t follow along very well. The music was so loud that the instructor sounded more like an adult from the Peanuts cartoons, “Wawawa wawawaah.” Then my legs starting cramping up and I couldn’t continue to pedal, so about 45 minutes into the hour-long class I got up and left. I kinda felt like a wuss, but if ya can’t pedal, ya can’t very well do a cycling class, eh? Maybe I’ll give it one more try and tell the instructor at the beginning that I couldn’t hear him last time. Matt (husband) said he had a harder time understanding him too – that last class he was easier to understand, so maybe there’s hope.

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