March 13, 2009

Treadmill Incident #3

Okay, I'm REALLY freaked out now! The treadmill SHUT OFF ON ME AGAIN!!! This has never happened to my husband. I have never seen it happen to others around me. What is going on!?!? I'm happily running (not jogging - nod to Emerging Runner) along and reach over to increase the speed and **shock** - the machine shuts down. My first thought was, "Not again." And then,"Why me?" ...all in the span of time before the machine pitches me forward again. Oh, and every time this has occurred, it has been on a different machine. It has also happened on two different models!

This is incident number THREE!! *sigh*

All freakishness aside, I had a really great, awesome, wonderful, super run today. No pain. No tightness. Just nice, fluid motion. Time to get excited about the marathon again? Not quite. I need a few more good long runs without incident before I stop feeling nervous about it and start getting excited. This Sunday - 14 miles.

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