January 18, 2009

I Married a Poet

I found this on Matty's Runner's World blog and asked him if I could paste it here. It is hilarious. I didn't realized I married a poet.

Long run day, hurray!
Sixteen miles to see the end.
Sixteen below....treadmilling at the gym.
Pack, drive, lockers, key, up the stairs, pick a mill.
Noise, tvs, florescent lights, machines, phones, i-pods, fake plants, happy people with name tags.

Running in place today, hurray!
Sixty-four imaginary loops before I'm done.
Speed set............... eight minute pace.
Powerade, towel, shoes tied, watch, radio...check.

Eight pretend miles in, hurray.
Find distractions to kill the time.
People count..........eighty-two.
TV...news, Judge Judy, videos, espn, c-span.

Sixty loops in so far, hurray.
Is sixteen below really too cold? A short run outside tomorrow?
Facemask, wonder-ware, layers, gloves.
Quietness, trees, snow, footprints, swans, fresh air, happy dogs making tracks.
Four miles at the park tomorrow, HURRAY!

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