January 23, 2009

Running Better than Tylenol

Had a headache at the beginning of my run the other day and wasn't sure I'd be able to complete my workout. Stuck with it though, and the headache went away after about 1 1/2 miles. Ended up being a great tempo run (treadmill). Ran 4 of 6 miles at 7:30 pace. Woo! Was silly enough to schedule leg strength training after the tempo run. What was I thinking!?! Of course, I didn't do it. Did a core workout only and rescheduled the leg strength training for the next day. Silly redhead! Hmmm... maybe I should try running more often when I have headaches??? Worked better than Tylenol!

Found a GREAT new place to have post-workout meals. Main Street Deli in Rochester, Michigan. Awesome salads and sandwiches! Highly recommended! I can't believe I've worked in Rochester for 5 years and just discovered the place. Mmmm.... Of course, my husband's restaurant is almost literally in the backyard of the gym, and it is hard to pass up a free meal! It's just that sometimes, I like a change! Really, Honey, I do love your 'za, subs, salads and pasta!

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