January 24, 2009

Red Got a Fuel Belt

I've read in several blogs lately about the runner's infatuation with tech clothes and gear. I am absolutely no exception. My limited disposable income is mostly spent on running gear, registration fees and travel to races. But really, when I think about it, I spend the vast majority of my time wearing either scrubs (for work), running gear or lounge-around-the-house clothing which usually consists of fleece or cotton tees and sweats. I wear casual clothing maybe once a week and dress-up stuff (blech!) maybe 1-2 times a year! So I suppose I can justify the amount I'm spending on tech clothes and gear when I look at the proportion of my time I spend wearing/using it, right?

All that was build-up to the following outburst -- I got a Fuel Belt today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited! No more stopping at my car to refuel. No more sore arm from my hand-held bottle (which I may still use on short runs in hot weather). I got the Helium 4 in Small for my petite 5'2", barely-a-buck frame. It fits great! No bounce at all! I figure I'll probably only use 2 bottles in the winter, but come summer, I'll be glad to have all 4. I like the small pouch which only allows me to bring a few GUs. That way I won't be tempted to take too much with me.

And who did I run into at the running store?? - Our own Olympian, Brian Sell. Nice guy!

Maybe you may remember my poor, frozen hands from my long run a week ago. Well, hopefully that problem is solved too. My all time favorite store, REI, is having their January clearance and I picked up some Outdoor Research mittens for less than $20. Ahhh, toasty warm hands...

No running to report about today. Just gear.

new gear = happy redhead

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