January 4, 2009

Long Run at the Gym

As predicted, I had to do my long run today on a treadmill. I did 13.1 miles. Easy to measure exactly on that machine! It was loooong and boring and the guy next to me kept looking at me. Have guys never heard of peripheral vision!? Sheesh! Am I gonna have to start wearing my wedding ring to the gym? No, I can't do that. I'd be afraid of it falling off on the cardio machines and it would definitely be in the way when weight trainig. Oh well. I guess I should take it as a compliment, eh? :-)

Boredom aside, it was a good run. Felt great. Of course, it was a treadmill, so that means less effort, but I choose to still feel good about it. So there! I also realized the nice thing about working out at the gym is showering at the gym and using THEIR hot water and THEIR soap and THEIR hair dryers, hair gel, towels, etc. This is saving me money! Cool!

There was freezing rain today and I haven't shelled out the bucks for a waterproof running jacket yet. I don't mind getting wet when it is warm out, but getting wet when temps are below freezing is not a good idea! Hence the treadmill, or as I saw another runner put it, the dreadmill.

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