January 23, 2009

Slow Down, Red!

Whoa! Practically a heat wave in Michigan today! Though it seems it may be short-lived. The next few days have highs in the teens again. *sigh* And I still don't have any running mittens...

Well, today I took advantage of the "warm" weather and got in my scheduled "easy" run. I even felt hot at one point! Had to unzip my jacket! Weird. Anyway. I was supposed to run it at around a 9:00ish minute/mile pace - according to Smart Coach. I don't think I've ever run that slow. I'm not sure I am able to run that slow. Everytime I try a nice, easy conversational pace, I end up running no slower than 8:30 and sometimes just under 8:00 (like today)!! So how in the world did this Smart Coach come up with such a ridiculously slow pace?? Or maybe I should ask why I have such a hard time going any slower?? And does it matter?? Do I need to try to go slower so I don't tire out too quickly or get injured, etc? Even my long runs are no slower than 8:30. I had a few long runs months and months ago in the 8:40s but nothing slower. As long as I drink enough and refuel enough, I don't seem to have any problems with the pace. So am I good staying with what feels okay? I realize Smart Coach is just a plug-and-chug computer program, but I assume some intelligence went into its design. The paces were calculated based on a race time I put in. Incidentally, the time I used was a half marathon I finished in 1:42:28.

I also picked up a stability ball (only $19.99 - wooo!) the other day. Can't wait to try out the core exercises I found on Runner's World (in the video section). I only hope little feline claws stay away from the ball. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be afraid of it! They assume everything we bring into the house is for them, you see. My husband's foam roller became a giant cat toy on day one. ha!

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