January 3, 2009

Running and Hydration

Today's run was GREAT! Started out with the plan to do 7 easy miles. Easy for me should be about 8:15 - 8:30 min/mile. Ran with my Matty at Stony Creek and he always likes to go counter-clockwise. (I much prefer clockwise because then I don't have to do that stupid hill when I'm cold. I hate that hill. Always winds me, no matter how slow I take it.) Anyway, the first mile was at about a 8:45 pace - on track for the first mile of an easy run; I always speed up later (plus that stupid hill slows me down). Matt kept pulling ahead; he hates starting so slow. Then all of a sudden my legs starting carrying me much faster and I didn't argue - only doing 7 miles, after all. Matty started lagging! I felt super strong the entire time and averaged 7:47 pace for the entire run! Considering how slow I started, I wonder what my later pace must have been to get that average. I think the weather really helped too. The sun actually came out today. I was beginning to forget what she looked like. The wind was much calmer and the temperature was a perfect 32F. Today was one for the books! :-)

In the next few weeks I will start training in earnest for my Spring marathon, Bayshore in Traverse City, Michigan - my first! I've used a hand-strap water bottle for my shorter runs , but after about 8 miles, my arm gets tired - and it is way too weird to carry it left-handed! So, for my longer runs that are coming up, I want to switch to a belt. There are so many to choose from! Do I get small bottles or big bottles? Do I get a belt with 2, 3, 4 bottles? Amphipod? Fuel Belt? Nathan? Nike? Ack! Now, I'm not much of a sweater. I may get a light sheen on my skin even on the hottest days, while my poor husband is dripping buckets! I don't think I need max-bottles here. But will 2 small ones be enough? Much to consider!

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