January 9, 2009

Tempo Runs and Gym Bags

Did some speekwork yesterday. I tried to do a tempo run, but my lack of experience resulted in a pace that was too fast and I could barely sustain it for two miles. I was hoping to do at least three. I couldn't use my watch to help me figure out my pace, because the mile markers were hidden by the snow! I recovered for about another half mile before deciding to add some strides to the end of the run. I ended up doing four strides. Overall it ended up being a good workout, but I sure hope I get better at pacing! If not, I could have a nasty surprise near the end of my first marathon.

Today my mission is to find a gym bag. I have been using a freebie backpack I got from a veterinary conference (so you know it's cheap!). My stuff barely fits! It has all of 2 pockets! I thought I'd hit the nearby running stores, REI and a few sporting goods stores. There is one bag I found through Runner's World Shoes and Gear Blog that looks cool (Endurance Ultra Bag), but it can only be ordered online. I like to see things in person before purchasing! Wish me luck!


  1. You should try Dicks. I hear that they have some nice bags.


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